How to stop dog bites in Westside clinic

A dog bite in West Seattle, where dogs can be found in many different breeds, could be prevented if owners knew what to look for.

In an article published online Monday, The Washington State Veterinarian’s Association said it was one of three pet clinics in the city that was “targeted for a large-scale canine bite” on March 31.

The article reported that the owner of the dog at the center of the case had a history of having dogs, including one who was a service dog for the sheriff’s department, at his house.

The dog was later euthanized and the owner is now under arrest.

In response to the article, the Seattle-based animal advocacy group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said it would start “working with dog owners and veterinarians to ensure their pets are never at risk” and is “actively working to get this practice banned in Seattle.”

It called for the city to “ban this practice nationwide, and prohibit the use of animals for other reasons, such as in training programs.”

The Seattle-area dog bite incident comes on the heels of two dog bites reported in Seattle this week, one fatal and the other fatal.

Both of the dogs involved in those incidents died.

In both cases, authorities said the dogs were in the home of an owner who had previously reported a dog bite.

The Seattle Times reported that at least one of the two dog owners had a lengthy criminal history, including multiple felony convictions, but it did not name the dog owners.

The Times said the dog bite investigation has also involved dogs and other animals that are owned by dogs and/or other people who are believed to be in the area.

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