Veterans who got 360 clinics must provide details of their care

MEDIA SCORES MEDIA MEDIA MELISSA BROWN: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) says the bill would allow her to “give a free ride” to a doctor.

Harris says she wants to know why the VA has to give a free medical clinic to a physician who is a nurse practitioner and who is not qualified to treat veterans.

The senator says the VA should provide more services to vets.

“The VA has been so generous with care, but they haven’t provided the right care,” she says.

She says she has concerns about the bill.

Harris’ comments come after President Trump said he would “take care of everybody.”

Harris says it is “unacceptable” that the VA is “not providing the care it needs to keep veterans alive.”

She also said that the bill “would not allow the VA to continue its practice of treating veterans for a variety of conditions.”

Harris is the ranking Democrat on the Veterans Affairs Committee.

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D) is also supporting the bill and says he will “work with all members of Congress” on the bill, though he doesn’t think it will pass.

Sen. Kamal D. Harris (R-CA), chairwoman of the Veterans Health and Human Services Committee, speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on June 21, 2017.

The VA has not responded to questions from Fox News.

Harris says the law would allow for VA doctors to be paid for treating veterans, though it’s unclear if that’s how the bill will work.

Harris wants to see the VA “provide the care that veterans need,” and said it needs “to be transparent about their care” to vets, including what services are covered.

She said she believes the VA needs to offer a list of services and to make sure vets can access them.

The VA currently does not provide health care to veterans, but the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) says it will begin allowing veterans to receive health care services starting Jan. 1.

Trump’s health care bill would expand VA health care for veterans, allowing them to seek VA care for things like mental health and substance abuse issues.

The bill also would allow the secretary of veterans affairs to waive the VA’s prohibition against paying physicians who treat veterans for services not covered by the VA.

The legislation also would prevent VA doctors from charging veterans more for care than the VA charges other types of care.

Under the new law, veterans would be able to obtain health care directly from the VA if they pay the full cost, and the VA would be reimbursed for that cost, even if they don’t need the treatment.

But the VA will have to give VA doctors a list with all the services they provide to vets and must reimburse them for the cost of providing those services.

The bill would also provide an extra $2 billion a year to help veterans transition into civilian life.

The new bill would provide the Veterans Medical Assistance Program (VMAP) with $4 billion to fund programs that provide care to VA veterans who are transitioning to civilian life or transitioning from service to civilian employment.

If signed into law, the VA could spend up to $20 billion a month on health care over the next decade to help vets transition into jobs, according to the bill’s authors.

According to the VA, it expects the health care program to reach its goal of providing services to more than 2 million vets by 2020.

The agency says more than 80 percent of veterans who use VMAP services are employed.

Some veterans say they’re concerned about the new VA bill because they believe veterans will be denied benefits because of the VA bill.

“They have no idea what this bill is,” said Army veteran Kevin Pomeroy, who is disabled and is enrolled in VA benefits.

“It would be very easy for the VA doctors, the doctors who are supposed to be caring for veterans to not provide the care they’re supposed to, or to say they can’t do the care because it’s not covered under the VA plan.

They can just deny you.”

Pomeroy added that he has “a bad feeling about it.”

Harris, who has been a vocal supporter of the bill on the Senate floor, has said that if the bill passes, she will push for an overhaul of the Department’s VA Benefits.

Pomeroys concerns about access to VA services and the bill are similar to those raised by Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D, IN).

Duckworth, a veteran who served in Iraq, said she was concerned that veterans will not be able access VA benefits because they don\’t qualify for them.

“I’m not an advocate for that,” Duckworth said.

“If they can go to VA, why can’t they go to any other health care?”

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