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A small, affordable, women’s clinic that specializes in clinical research and women’s health care is opening its doors in Denver, Colorado.

The Fairview Clinic is in the heart of a new district of the city, and the opening is part of a concerted effort to attract a new patient base and attract new doctors.

Dr. Nancy Johnson, who leads the clinic, said the opening was an important first step.

“Our goal is to have 100 percent of our clinic staff, the patients, coming to the clinic to see us,” Johnson said.

“We want to do this to make sure we can provide quality care to all of our patients.”

The Fairview clinic was founded by the women of the Women’s Clinic Project in 2010.

The clinic is one of several small women’s clinics in Denver that have been dedicated to providing primary care and preventive services to underserved populations in the area.

The women’s center, which opened in 2011, has expanded to serve a diverse population, and is now located in a new building on the city’s south side.

Johnson said the Fairview women’s medical clinic is a first for Denver.

“We have been doing this in the greater Denver area for the last two years,” Johnson told ABC News.

“This is the first time we’ve actually opened in a city that has been in this type of a growth mode for a number of years.”

I think this is a really exciting opportunity for us to continue to make the transition and continue to grow,” Johnson added.

The FairView clinic, located at 905 N. Sixth St., is a small clinic, but Johnson said she was confident that it would attract patients.”

There are a lot of doctors that have already signed up. “

It’s really easy to find.

There are a lot of doctors that have already signed up.

It’s very accessible.”

The clinic offers free or low-cost appointments, and Johnson said patients can come in with their own medical history and a physical.

“It’s not a very fancy, fancy facility, but it’s very well equipped,” Johnson noted.

The clinic offers a wide range of health services, including medical care for women, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, asthma, and pregnancy and breastfeeding, among other ailments.

Johnson also said she had not seen any of the patients who had attended the clinic in the past.

“When we first started, there was very little support,” Johnson recalled.

“There was just no way to get a referral from people who were sick.”

Johnson said the clinic is staffed by people who are already very knowledgeable about their patients, and have experience in performing surgeries.

She said the staff will be trained in how to treat patients in the clinic’s community, as well as the ways that they can help patients in need.

Johnson said she expects the FairView Clinic will have a long-term impact on the area and its surrounding communities.

“There are a number things that we can bring to the community and be positive about,” Johnson stated.

“For example, we are a small facility, so the patients have a lot to do.

We are an early stage facility, and we have very limited space.

And, we also have a clinic, so we have a community and we can connect people.”

And I think our goal is that we are going to be able to provide services that are really helpful to the population, both in terms of their health and their physical well-being.

“Johnson has seen the first patients arrive at the clinic.

Johnson is proud of the progress the clinic has made in the first year, but she said she has not yet seen any patients who are completely overwhelmed by the clinic staff.

Johnson believes the clinic will be a catalyst for other small women health clinics to open.”

Hopefully we are building the kind of community that can provide the same kind of services that we provide,” Johnson concluded.

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