How to survive the midwest Express Clinic, where doctors perform abortions at an hour’s notice

A midwest train derailment on Friday left three women dead, including one who was pregnant.

It was one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history, and was one the deadliest train accidents in decades.

The train came off the tracks near the town of Westfield, Illinois, just north of Chicago, and a massive fire erupted.

One woman died and two were injured in the fire.

The three women, all of whom were traveling together, were taken to an area hospital and pronounced dead, according to a statement from the Westfield Police Department.

The women, who were traveling with their infant son, were identified as 36-year-old Marjorie Taylor and 38-year to 44-year of Mary Taylor, the statement said.

Their infant son survived the incident.

The two victims were identified by a family friend as 32-year old Laura Jones and 25-year ago, 27-year year-old Erin Hirsch.

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