Why the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, emergency room is now in the hands of a new operator

The Baton Rouge medical center has been operating under the banner of an “emergency” clinic since the beginning of the year, when the city was struggling to contain a rise in the number of cases of HIV.

The Baton Chevalier is now operating under a different name, and it has a different mission: it’s the first Baton Rouge clinic to open in the United States under a new network of health care providers.

The move is a direct response to the coronavirus pandemic that has brought a sudden spike in the amount of patients coming to the city’s emergency rooms. 

“We want to be the first of the country to be able to open a network of clinics,” said Dr. Darryl Stowe, the medical director of the Baton Cheveux Clinic.

“The goal is to make sure that everyone has access to health care.

We want to make it a safe environment, and that’s the goal.” 

“I’m really excited about this,” Stowe added.

“It’s a really great opportunity for us to have a better relationship with the community.” 

The Baton Chevron is a health care clinic that specializes in acute care and emergency medicine, according to its website.

It opened on September 6 in the same building that housed the Louisiana Medical Center. 

In 2016, Stowe and his wife, Sarah, opened a new facility on the corner of St. Bernard Avenue and Boulenger Street.

It was named Baton Rouge Clinic, and its goal was to help people with serious illnesses. 

They also wanted to make the facility accessible to people who were not able to afford private insurance. 

The clinic closed the following year, but it reopened this past spring under a completely different name. 

At the time, Stow said he was not aware of a plan to close the clinic, but he did not want to put a timeline on when the Baton-Cheveux branch of the network would reopen. 

 Now, Stove has opened the Baton Rouge Clinic in a renovated old hospital on the site of the former Baton Chevetiere’s Hospital.

It’s a new name, but Stowe said the hospital is the same one that opened in 2015. 

It’s the same space, and the same mission, but this one is much different. 

For Stowe’s wife, who has been with the clinic for four years, it’s a “big step.”

“It’s very exciting,” Stow told Business Insider.

“And it’s good.

It means that the Baton area has a place that is not only open, but safe and available for people with urgent medical needs.” 

As part of the new partnership, Stueve and his staff have started accepting referrals from patients.

They’ve also added in new programs to encourage patients to visit. 

A patient who wants to see a doctor on Tuesday can get a phone call and a referral to visit the clinic on Tuesday, September 12. 

If a patient needs to see an appointment on Thursday, they can come to the clinic in person, or visit on the day. 

Stowe said it is not uncommon for people to visit with their primary care physician, or a family physician. 

Dr. Daryle Tatum, the chief medical officer of the Louisiana Department of Health, said he and his colleagues are excited about the clinic opening and its potential to provide the health care that the community needs.

“I think we have a great opportunity to build on this success,” he told Business Insider.

“We are now a place where the community can be a part of our community, where we can be our own patient advocate, and we can really have a positive impact on the lives of the people of the state of Louisiana.” 

Dr Tatum added that the new clinic is the first one to open under a network that has since expanded to include the rest of the city of Baton Rouge.

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