What to know about emergency medical care in Delhi

The government has decided to scrap the Rs. 1,500-per-day fee that was introduced in December.

The move has been criticised by health professionals, who said the move was not needed and was likely to lead to rationing of health care.

Emergency medical services will be provided free of charge to patients who cannot afford to pay.

There is no fixed fee to cover all patients who need emergency medical services.

According to the government, the Rs 1,000-per/day fee was needed to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

However, experts say that this does not help the poor as they often lack adequate income to pay for basic medical services such as x-rays, x-ray machines and medicines.

Even if they can pay, they are not always able to afford to buy such items, said Pankaj Kishore, a medical professional from a private hospital in the city.

As per the latest data, around 50 per cent of the patients in Delhi are poor, making it a major source of poverty in the capital.

Under the government’s plan, the government will also provide free medicines to the poor through the Medical Missionary Health (MMH) scheme.

MMH is a government scheme for those who cannot pay the cost of a medicine or other treatment.

Health Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said that the government would now set up an additional unit at the National Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) to provide free medication to the uninsured.

This will ensure that there is adequate supply of medicines in the country.

“The Government of India is committed to making the medical infrastructure a priority for the people of India and we have already started the work to ensure this,” he said in a statement.

India has over 7,000 emergency rooms and 10,000 acute care hospitals, according to the latest census.

Since the introduction of the Rs 500-per day fee, there has been an increase in emergency admissions in the national capital.

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