VA: More than 40% of vets still have no vet clinic portal

The VA says more than 40 percent of vets are still not able to access the online portal they rely on to manage their medical care.

The agency said Tuesday that it had implemented new steps to help vets get their medical appointments faster.

The goal is to provide more opportunities for vets to see a doctor and get care.

The VA has also created a new website that vets can use to access their appointment with a primary care provider, the agency said in a statement.

It’s a welcome development for veterans.

The service has long struggled to keep up with a demand for appointments, said Lisa Wertheim, chief executive officer of the Veterans Choice Network.

But with the portal, vets are able to get more of their care sooner, she said.

Wertheim said she hoped the changes would help alleviate some of the frustration many vets are experiencing with the VA, which is struggling to keep pace with a growing number of health problems.

She said vets were frustrated that the VA did not offer the same level of access to their health care as it had when the government started expanding its network of health centers.

“We need to be getting it faster,” she said in an interview.

“It was a long road.

But now we’re moving forward.”

Vets are now able to see health care providers online and have access to health care records from their doctors and hospitals.

They can get more information on their health conditions from the National Veterans Health Information System.VA said the portal was designed to help veterans and their caregivers use it to manage health conditions.

It is now available in about 40% and is expected to grow, VA said.

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