Yankton clinic is not safe after 4 deaths

A Yanktons medical clinic has had four of its patients killed by gunfire in the past four years.

The clinic, which has been closed for years, has been one of the most dangerous in Vancouver.

“It’s really scary,” said Dr. Sarah Loeffler, an emergency medicine physician who was one of two doctors at the Yanktons clinic, in an interview with CBC News.

The other doctor, Dr. Michael H. Taylor, said he’s concerned the facility could be closed down if the shooting rate doesn’t improve.

“We’re trying to stay alive,” Taylor said.

“The thing is, there are so many people who need our services, and it’s just so frustrating that we have to have to take them away.”

The shooting death of a 25-year-old man in May 2016 sparked a massive public outcry.

The shooting happened outside the clinic.

The suspect, 28-yearold James F. O’Keefe, was later charged with four counts of first-degree murder.

Taylor said the clinic has been in a steady decline in recent years, with shootings down nearly 70 per cent from the year before.

“You can’t put a number on the number of incidents that have occurred here,” Taylor told CBC News, citing the recent shooting death.

“But if it continues at this rate, I would expect we could have closure within the next year or two.”

Loeefler said she has been concerned for months about a lack of training for staff at the clinic, but she has had little hope for the staff that she has hired.

“They’re not equipped to deal with these situations,” she said.

The Yankts clinic was closed in December 2016.

It was reopened in March 2018 and was again closed in October 2020.

A new owner bought the building and installed security cameras, but the cameras haven’t been installed yet.

“I’ve seen a lot of people on social media talking about how the shooting has taken a toll on the facility,” Taylor added.

We’ve had people come in and say, ‘Oh my God, I saw someone run down there. “

There’s been a lot more people around us.

We’ve had people come in and say, ‘Oh my God, I saw someone run down there.

They’ve just been so upset.'”

The Yanks facility has been the subject of several recent high-profile shootings.

In April, a 26-year old man was shot in the head at the facility.

He later died at the hospital.

And in June, a 27-year, former medical student was shot dead inside the clinic after he ran into an open window to escape.

The former student, identified only as Richard, was a member of the Black Youth Project 100, a gang and youth organization in Vancouver that was responsible for numerous robberies and other crimes.

He was shot twice in the neck, once in the chest and once in his back, before he was shot and killed.

Two months after the June shooting, the Yanks building was targeted in a brazen daylight robbery that took place at around 2:30 a.m. in the clinic parking lot.

A man was taken into custody for questioning.

In February, a man walked into a Vancouver health clinic and shot and wounded three people in the parking lot of the clinic while they were waiting for appointments.

The man was later shot and injured by the other three people who were there.

In March, a gunman opened fire at a clinic in Vancouver’s east end, killing a clinic nurse, and wounding two other staff members.

The hospital was reopened four days later.

In June, an unidentified man walked onto a clinic campus and opened fire.

Three people were wounded in the attack, including the shooter.

In July, another man walked in and shot a clinic security guard and wounded two others before he ran out of the building.

In August, a shooter opened fire inside a clinic, killing an employee and injuring a patient.

In September, a clinic employee was killed and two others wounded when a man drove into a clinic parking garage.

“What’s happening at the centre is very dangerous, because we know that if there are any incidents like that, it’s going to result in the closure of the centre and the closure to patients,” Taylor concluded.

“That’s just something that’s very difficult to predict, but that’s the nature of the business.”

With files from the CBC’s Chris McPhee and The Associated Press.

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