CDC approves first clinical trial of vaccine against Ebola virus

A first clinical study involving the Ebola vaccine will begin this week in Florida, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced.

The study will be the first of its kind in the United States, and will examine the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, according to the CDC.

The study is expected to last two years.

Ebola is transmitted by the virus in infected people who have been exposed to bodily fluids such as saliva or feces.

The new study will use human volunteers to provide the vaccines, and follow them for a year.

The first phase of the study will test the efficacy of the new vaccine in the Ebola-stricken, people living in endemic regions of West Africa, the CDC said in a statement.

The second phase will test whether the vaccine works against Ebola in people who live in other regions.

The vaccine is a compound made by Dow Chemical, and is made from a mixture of two types of a naturally occurring substance called vaccinia.

A recombinant vaccine containing the vaccine has been tested successfully in monkeys, and it has shown promising results in clinical trials.

The CDC has approved the vaccine and is continuing to study it in people living with Ebola.

The United States has recorded 4,078 cases of Ebola, with 4,033 deaths.

The virus has killed more than 4,400 people in West Africa and affected more than 10 million people in Africa, including nearly 2,400 Americans.

In the United Kingdom, the government has suspended the use of the experimental vaccine, saying it could have a severe side effect, including serious infections.

The World Health Organization and the U.N. have said the new Ebola vaccine should be used as soon as possible, given the risk of spreading it.

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