When the doctor calls: The cat clinic in New York City

Medical staff at a veterinary clinic in Brooklyn is seeing an influx of cats over the holidays, as people from around the world flock to the neighborhood to pick up pets.

But the number of cats arriving at the facility in the early hours of Dec. 31 was down slightly from the previous day.

In the last six months, the clinic has seen an average of only six to eight cat visits, and it’s the first time since its opening that it’s seen fewer than a dozen cats a day, said Dr. Jennifer Sulloway, the facility’s chief veterinary officer.

In the past, about 60 cats a week have come through the doors, said Sullow, a resident of the Upper West Side neighborhood.

But the clinic will not see any more until January at the earliest, when they’ll start seeing fewer cats.

The clinic will be closed for the holidays because of the coronavirus pandemic, but Sulloy said they plan to reopen this year with a focus on pet owners.

The facility will be open at all times, she said.

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