The ‘Everett’ clinic, which is a ‘lifeline for kids’

A dream clinic is now offering hope for the kids in Everett, Washington, by providing dental care to a growing population of underinsured children.

The Everett Vision Clinic opened in March and has a staff of two, according to its website.

The clinic offers comprehensive, individualized treatment for kids with severe dental and vision problems.

The Everett clinic offers up to $10,000 in dental and eye care to underinsured kids.

Dr. John Schleicher is one of the clinic’s dentists, and he said it’s been very hard for some children to find affordable dental care.

For the last year, he’s been working with children who have struggled with tooth decay and cavities.

“There’s a lot of kids who have been really struggling with these cavities and not having access to dental care,” he said.

Schleichers said many of the children who were at the clinic had been struggling with other health problems as well.

“For some kids it was really hard to get to the doctor, and so they’re not getting the dental care that they need,” he added.

“I just think for them to have this opportunity, to get the dental treatment, it’s a lifesaver.”

The Everett clinic has been providing services to under-insured kids for more than five years.

The program has since grown and is now the largest dental and cosmetic clinic in the state.

Schlacher said the clinics dental clinics are always expanding, and that the new Everett clinic is just the beginning of what he plans to do.

“The more we get people into treatment, the better off they are,” he explained.

“And I think we’re just at the beginning.”

The clinic also offers a few other services, including dental and hearing services, a medical wellness center, a nutritionist, and a mental health support group.

For more information on the Everett Vision clinic and other dental clinics in the Washington state area, visit the Everett Vision website.

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