When a man and his dog meet in a restaurant

Posted March 15, 2019 05:29:06 When a woman and her husband get married, it’s a little strange when they meet the man’s dog.

The couple was in a Los Angeles restaurant and a couple of hours later, they met the dog in the parking lot of a different restaurant, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The woman said she and her fiance were in the restaurant for dinner when they noticed a man behind the counter.

The dog, who was a few feet away from them, approached the man, the couple said.

She said she asked him to put his leash on and the man put his hand on the dog’s leash.

They got out of the restaurant and walked to the house, where the dog went up to her husband and the woman began petting the dog, according to the Times.

The man went to the dog and began barking and the dog started barking.

The husband got out and walked over and put his hands on the man and the petting began.

The wife went over and petted the dog for about five minutes, and the husband and dog continued to pet the dog.

Then the dog began barking again.

When the man asked the dog what it was doing, the dog responded by barking and then barking again, the Times reported, citing the man.

The police arrived and the couple got into a scuffle.

The petting stopped, and after they calmed down, they got out.

The dogs owner was arrested for animal cruelty and petting while in possession of a controlled substance.

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