How to find a new hope clinic in your area

A new hope care clinic is being opened in Melbourne, Australia by a local doctor, who hopes to see the treatment of cancer patients across Australia.

Dr Andrew Schuster, a specialist in stem cell research, has opened the Hope Clinic in East Melbourne, where patients can come in for a short visit to have their tumours removed, and receive medical treatment and counselling, according to the ABC.

It is the first clinical trial of stem cell therapy to be conducted in Australia.

The Hope Clinic is run by a charity called the Australian Cancer Society and is being run by Dr Schuster’s family, who have been trying to find funding for it for years.

Dr Schuster told the ABC that he is hoping to see as many people as possible come to the Hope clinic for treatment.

“I want to make sure the people who come to our clinic can be proud of themselves, because we are going to be bringing the world’s first clinical trials of stem cells and stem cell treatment,” he said.

“We hope it can be a huge help to patients across the country, and in the end, it will be a way to prevent a lot of these things happening to people in the future.”

He added that he hopes the trial will also help people who are struggling to make ends meet and is keen to see how the trial has been received.

The clinic will run for a few weeks, and patients will be able to get in touch with a nurse or doctor to make an appointment, before the clinic is closed for the summer.

Dr Phil Smith, a stem cell researcher at the University of Sydney, said the hope clinic was important to stem cell scientists, as well as patients.

“In this trial, we are looking at cancer patients with very serious illnesses, so we’re really excited to see what happens in the patients, and the hope that we can help them through that journey,” Dr Smith told ABC Radio Melbourne.

Dr Smith said it was important that patients had a chance to get the treatment that was promised.

“The patients can actually be a part of the trial and see the results, and they can be part of a wider research project,” he explained.

“There’s been a lot more research done on stem cell treatments in the last year or so, and we want to see if it can help the patients.”

Dr Smith explained that the hope stem cell clinic could provide patients with a “life-changing” chance to have stem cell therapies that would be offered to other patients in the coming years.

“It’s a really exciting prospect,” he added.

“This is a really good trial that could really change the lives of people with serious illnesses.”

The Hope clinic is the latest step in the stem cell revolution, which is a major step forward in the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Previously, scientists have been able to grow stem cells in vitro using an old technique called liposomes, which allows them to easily and quickly take part in a process called “cell cycle engineering”.

The hope clinic is one of several clinics in the country that have already been established to study stem cell technology.

Dr James Lachance, who founded the Hope clinics, told the Australian newspaper that he had a personal interest in the therapy of cancer because of his own experience of the disease.

“As a cancer patient myself, it is something I know is possible and I think is very important to us,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Cancer has always been a disease of the body, it’s just that there is a lot that is wrong with it, and I believe we can find ways to help people with cancer by working with stem cells.”

Dr Schusters family hopes to have the Hope Clinics opening in the next few months.

It’s unclear how long the Hope Hope clinic will be open, but the clinic will offer treatment in a clinical setting and will have an open appointment system.

You can see the full list of clinics in Australia on the Australian cancer society’s website.

It has been a long road to be able, as Dr Schurer told the paper, to get his stem cell trials going in Australia and has raised a lot money through a crowdfunding campaign.

“All I want to do is help people get on their feet and live a better life,” he wrote on the crowdfunding site.

“If you know anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, please share our story and let’s all do something to help.”

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