Which hospitals will be closed in April?

A number of hospitals in the US are slated to be closed during April and May.

In the first week of April, four facilities will be unable to provide treatment to patients, the Mayo Clinic said in a statement.

On April 15, Mayo announced that it would close its Mayo Clinic Medical Center in Minnesota, as well as its hospital in Rochester, Minnesota.

And on April 29, the University of Rochester Medical Center will close its hospital for three days, as will the University Medical Center of Minnesota and the University Hospitals of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology.

The Mayo Clinic is expected to release more information about its hospital closures on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a number of other health care providers are slated for closure in April, including the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospers and University Hospititals of Pennsylvania.

“The Cleveland Clinic is closing on April 1, and the Cleveland Foundation is also shutting down, in accordance with a new plan announced by the Mayo Foundation,” Mayo said.

Also in April: the University Health Network, the Cleveland Health System and the OhioHealth Health System will all shut down.

According to the Cleveland Medical Center, its general practice unit is scheduled to close April 15.

Additionally, on April 15 the University Hospital of Akron is closing its outpatient department, according to a press release from the hospital.

Another healthcare provider in the Midwest is scheduled for closure as well: the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services will be holding a community meeting on April 23 to inform residents that the department’s medical center will close April 30.

Finally, on May 1, the New York City Department of Public Health will shut down its citywide emergency room and emergency department, citing a shortage of beds.

 The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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