The world’s most expensive pets

The world is paying a price for the fact that a whole class of animals have been bred for luxury, but in China, the pet market has been in free fall for years.

According to a report by Chinese government-backed animal research institute, Chinese scientists have developed the world’s first ‘pet’ – a pet chicken.

The Chinese government launched the new breed in 2008, with the goal of raising chicken and other poultry from eggs produced by the country’s first pet factory, a farm called Poultry Farm in Gansu province, which has been around since 1932.

The chickens are fed a combination of chicken eggs, rice and fish.

But after years of breeding, Poultry Farms eventually stopped production and sold the birds in the market.

“The chickens are in poor health, so we were forced to stop the breeding programme,” Zhang Zhijian, director of the Poultry Research Centre at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told Al Jazeera.

Instead, Zhang and his team have turned to a cheaper way to raise chickens.

They bred three species of chickens, one from a breeding facility, one at the University of Nottingham in the UK, and one from the Chengdu Agricultural Research Institute.

Zhang says the three breeds are able to breed faster than the existing chickens, and can be bred to produce chickens with the same lifespan as a domestic chicken.

He says that if the technology to do so were to be developed, it could eventually help farmers in developing countries like China, which relies on the export of eggs.

‘The chicken is the world’The project has brought a lot of attention to the animal research sector in China.

China has a large population of chickens and has a reputation for producing the best chickens in the world.

But it has also recently faced a growing shortage of eggs and meat in the country.

China imports roughly 80% of its meat, with some meat coming from overseas.

Zhang said the chicken was a key part of the Chinese chicken industry.

“It is a key ingredient for the meat,” he said.

Zhang and the team of researchers are working to make the chicken more humane and efficient.

China’s poultry industry is one of the world, according to the Animal Health Report, which ranks the best in the western world.

It is one reason why the US is ranked higher than China on animal welfare.

China, meanwhile, is facing a major shortage of chickens.

According the Worldwatch Institute, more than 20% of all eggs sold in the US come from chickens.

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