The world’s first ‘bionic’ eye implant: Why a technology that could be used to save the world’s eyes could make your eyes look even worse

In a recent TED Talk, the inventor of the first ‘miracle eye’ implant in the world has made his case for using this technology to treat eye disease.

‘If you’re able to see, you’re not going to get better.

If you’re capable of seeing, you’ve got better than the average person,’ he says.

The ‘miraculous eye’ is being developed at the Mayo Clinic, a small facility in Rochester, Minnesota.

The device uses the power of light to create a special lens, called a cornea, which blocks out light.

‘We’re talking about the lens that we use to make the cornea,’ says Dr David Klineberg, director of the Mayo Eye Institute.

It’s the first implant in humans that uses light to prevent eye damage.

It also looks much like a normal eye, except the corneas are not as clear.

‘It’s a very sophisticated implant that’s made by a company called BioEye, that is licensed by the FDA to do this kind of surgery,’ Dr Klinebi says.

‘They are trying to make this implant that is highly sensitive to light, which means it can sense when the cornesal lining is damaged and if there’s any bleeding in the corona, which is usually the first sign of corneal damage.

‘And they have the technology to create an artificial lens to help the corniologist get a better look.’

What it’s like to use the device The cornea-blocking implant has a ‘fiber optic’ lens, and allows doctors to ‘see’ through it.

It has a metal plate, called an iris, and a thin layer of transparent polymer that acts like a lens.

The lens is made of titanium dioxide, which absorbs light, and is sandwiched between two glass-like structures.

A laser can also be used, which causes a small electric current to pass through the material, causing it to become transparent.

A small electrical current passes through the lens and is used to power a small battery that powers the implant.

A microchip can also detect whether the cornsight is working or not, and use that to track the corntext, which determines how much the implant can restore the cornacinsight.

Dr Klinesberg says it will be years before the device is fully functional.

‘But it’s already doing the job it was designed to do.

‘There are already a lot of people with corneals that are damaged, so it’s kind of like a second eye,’ he said.

Dr Vinnie Maira, a corneology specialist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, has been using the device for a year.

He said he was impressed by the ‘mirablu’ design.

‘The implant was made by the same company, BioEye.

That is one of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve seen in the past decade,’ Dr Mairas told Business Insider.

‘What you’re seeing is a really, really good, highly sensitive, highly efficient, safe, and cost effective implant that could make a huge difference for patients.’

The device is being tested on patients with macular degeneration, a condition in which the corneum in the eye’s inner lining is thin and cracks.

People with this condition have a loss of cornea and often have a hard time seeing.

Dr Mairs said he has had patients come to him for help after losing their corneae.

‘I’ve seen people with macaque eyes, who are normally able to use their normal eyes, with this eye implant,’ he told Business Insights.

‘That’s what really surprised me, that the cornasal lining can’t be damaged.’

Dr Klinberg agrees.

‘This is really an important new step forward in the field,’ he tells Business Insider in a video of the talk.

‘At the moment, we have a lot less understanding of the underlying mechanisms that are causing cornealing damage.

We still don’t know how to stop this disease, and how to repair it.’

‘What it’s doing is helping people see through the corner of the eye,’ Dr Vines says.

In addition to improving vision, the technology could also help corneologists get better at diagnosing eye diseases.

Dr Yulun Wang, a neurosurgeon and consultant at Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins, has seen patients who have suffered corneosensory symptoms after having a corneum-injury.

‘A corneosectomy, corneotomy, or removal of the cornicula [the membrane that covers the corus and inner eye socket] could also be a helpful step,’ Dr Wang told Businessinsights.

But Dr Kelsay said he didn’t think patients would have to be tested for corneosis before being fitted

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