How to get in to the WHI clinic in Wheaton, Illinois

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Transcript Reporter: Wheaton Eye Clinic is the only eye clinic in the United States that can deliver an emergency eye exam and save lives.

We have one of the lowest mortality rates in the country and it’s an emergency care facility that we serve every day of the year.

So it’s important for us to have access to that service.

Reporter: One of the best ways to get there is to visit WHI’s emergency clinic in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

We offer an emergency examination and then we have an urgent care clinic in our main office that we also run out of here in Oak Hill, Illinois, that also offers an emergency exam.

So there’s two types of emergency medical care services that we offer, we offer an urgent check, which is an urgent test to make sure that the patient is alive, and we offer a second, a second appointment for a second consultation that will be scheduled within two hours of an emergency.

We also have a full-service emergency department, which provides a variety of services, from a full emergency room, which includes an on-site doctor and nurses, to the urgent care department that we operate out of, where we have doctors, nurses and technicians.

It also provides a full set of surgical supplies, including a scalpel and an anesthesiologist. Reporter

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