What happens when you try to treat your cat with the flu?

An infected cat is contagious, but if you’re not prepared to keep an infected cat inside you can be at risk of catching a dangerous and untreatable viral infection.

But the Australian Government is warning that there’s no excuse not to try and keep an infection at bay, saying the only way to stop the spread of the flu is to be fully prepared to quarantine your cat.

“It’s important to keep your cat under close observation, so that you can identify it and act accordingly,” Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said.

“This will prevent it from spreading, but also protect you from being at risk and potentially contracting an infection.”

Dr Coleman said there were some key steps you can take to prevent your cat from getting the flu:Don’t let your cat roam outside.

The flu is more contagious when it’s not allowed to go outside.

Dr Coleman recommends keeping your cat indoors for 10 days after you’ve been vaccinated.

The best time to quarantine a cat is between 7pm and 9pm.

If your cat does start to roam outside, don’t leave it in the house.

Don’t let it run free.

Don’t feed your cat food or water.

Don ‘t let your pet lick your hand.

Dr Cole says the best way to avoid catching the flu while still being fully prepared is to vaccinate yourself.

“The only way we know to prevent transmission is to get vaccinated.

It’s important we get vaccinated before we do any contact with our cat, so you’re able to protect yourself,” he said.

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