How to help pregnant women during a Zika outbreak

CLEVELAND — For women in areas affected by the virus, there are options for prenatal care that don’t involve having an abortion.

The Cleveland Clinic has announced it is offering a variety of services to help those women get through the Zika outbreak.

The Cleveland Clinic says it will offer:A variety of prenatal care to pregnant women who have not had a baby yet and can’t get an abortion, and help get them back to work and school.

“I can’t imagine what that woman would be going through,” said Dr. Roberta Rupp, the medical director of the Cleveland Clinic Prenatal Care Center.

“She’s going to need that support, and that’s something that’s very important to them.”

The clinic says it is partnering with the National Institutes of Health and the Cleveland Department of Public Health to offer these services.

For women who cannot get an appointment, they can get prenatal care at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

The clinic is offering counseling to women, information about vaccines and other pregnancy-related information.

For those women who are willing to take the time to be with their babies, they will have access to prenatal services at the Planned Parenthood facility, the clinic said.

Rupp said the clinic will provide information about the vaccines and Zika vaccine to women who can’t come in person.

The clinics pregnancy centers are staffed 24 hours a day.

“We’re just so excited to be able to offer them this,” Rupp said.

“It’s really exciting, to know that the clinic is there to help.”

While there are some options to help women who do not have an abortion at the Cleveland clinic, many are not available for the Zika virus outbreak.

“In some cases, the women are so ill, and they can’t go in for an appointment because of travel restrictions,” Raff told WCPO.

“It’s so frustrating that they have to go into the clinic.

It’s not convenient.”

The Cleveland clinic says some clinics in the state will only accept women who travel to the city.

“The clinics we have are going to provide this support to women at their local clinic, and we are going through the process to get that to their area,” Rifkin said.

“They have to call us first and we will do the same thing.”

Rifkin says she thinks the Cleveland clinics work best when they have a nurse at the clinic who is trained in how to handle pregnant women, as well as pregnant women with other health issues.

The clinic said that it is also offering prenatal testing for pregnant women at a clinic in Ohio.

Rifkins clinic will also provide a range of other prenatal care services, including vaccinations, nutrition, exercise and behavioral counseling to help keep pregnant women healthy during the Zika epidemic.

In a release, the Cleveland Center for Prenal Care said the center will also offer counseling to pregnant patients about the vaccine and other health care options available to them.

“At the same time, we’re working to make sure that pregnant women can stay in the community, because the more places they can go, the better off they are,” Rafkin said in the release.

“We want to make them feel safe and cared for at the same point in time.

I know that’s a challenging time for them.

But I think this is a good time to go in.”

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