Northview animal clinic closing due to cost of abortion clinic


— A Northview veterinarian is shutting down the clinic that serves as a breeding and clinic for hundreds of animals in a crisis that could leave a family without a pet in the coming months.

In an effort to stem the influx of animals into the area, the Northview Animal Clinic in Northview will close its doors from Monday, March 16 through April 4.

“The clinic is not only in crisis, it is now in financial crisis,” Northview Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Jones said.

“We’re trying to figure out how to make ends meet.

And if we’re not able to do that, it will be an extremely difficult situation.”

Jones, who has worked in North Texas for more than 20 years, said he will be closing the clinic.

The closure is a response to the crisis the clinic has faced for months.

Northview’s owner, Diane Treadwell, has been unable to find enough qualified technicians to perform the animals needed for the clinic’s growing breeding program.

Treadwll’s business, Lacey’s Pets, has also struggled to keep up with demand for its pets.

Since April 1, more than 6,000 animals have been rescued from the clinic, which Treadpools husband owns.

Tookies have been transferred to the North Texas Humane Society, where they have received medical care and food.

A Northview Veterinary Services spokeswoman confirmed the clinic will close Monday, but the exact date is not yet known.

The clinic has about 100 breeding animals and hundreds of puppies and kittens.

The staff of Northview is now overwhelmed with animals needing medical care.

“The animals we are caring for are being cared for and cared for well,” Treadworth said.

Treadwell said that she would need to find a veterinarian to care for the animals.

“It is not easy,” she said.

Treadwill said she is also struggling to keep the clinic open.

Northview Veterins chief veterinarian, Chris Williams, said that he has been dealing with the influx for months, and he was not expecting the current crisis.

Williams said the clinic is one of the only remaining facilities in North America to provide pet-friendly care for animals.

When the clinic first opened in December, it served more than 1,500 animals and the animals there are now receiving medical care, he said.

The veterinary center is located on Northridge Drive in Northbrook, which is about an hour and a half drive from downtown.

The facility was founded in 1968 by Diane Teply, a veterinarian who had owned animals since the late 1950s.

There are currently about 30 dogs and cats at the clinic and Tepley said she will be moving to a different clinic at some point.

Diane Tepliks dog, Bambi, who she adopted when she was about 12, is now at the Northbrook Animal Clinic.

Williams said that while the facility is now facing an unprecedented challenge, the staff is dedicated to providing the animals with the care they need.

We want them to be happy and healthy and to be in good health and to feel secure,” Williams said.”

We want to get them to the point where they are happy, healthy and in good shape and to see if we can make a difference in their lives.

“Tepley also said that the animals at the animal clinic are doing well, and that she is confident they will be able to keep them safe in their new homes.

She said that Tready has had her best-kept secret for decades.”

That’s why this is happening.””

She’s a very loving and kind woman, but she doesn’t give up.

That’s why this is happening.”

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