When we call the cat clinic: What we need to know

Mayo Clinic and the Cat Clinic of Arizona, the nation’s only two cat clinics, are partnering to provide free cat testing and adoption services at their clinics and facilities.

“We are excited to partner with Mayo Clinic for free testing and adoptions in Mayo Clinic cat clinics and cat shelters in Arizona, and to provide cat-related services at our cat clinics in the state of Arizona,” said Dr. Lisa Ritchie, vice president of the Cat clinic of Arizona.

“This will help ensure our cats are treated and cared for as soon as possible.”

For Cat Clinic patients, this is a big deal.

They have been struggling with the lack of cat care and care for their pets in the past.

The cat-based clinics in Arizona have been shut down for several years, as they have closed down several other cat-friendly facilities, including the Mayo Clinic.

The Mayo Clinic has also closed some other cat clinics across the country, including two at the University of Iowa.

It is not clear what impact the closure will have on the cat-only clinics.

“There is a lot of misinformation about cat care at Mayo Clinic, and we have a lot to work with to make sure that we get the cats back in their homes,” said Cat Clinic executive director Dr. Karen Hurd.

Hurd added that Cat Clinic had recently had its cat population decrease from its peak of more than 3,000 cats in 2015 to less than 1,200 in 2019.

“This program will allow us to keep our community safe and help those in need,” she said.

“Our goal is to have our community get back to normal as soon we can.”

More information:Cat clinic offers free tests and adoption to cats at Arizona Cat Clinic and cat shelter in Arizona.

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