Kelsey seydbold clinic to open its doors at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, medical researchers say

The Kelsey Seydbold Clinical Research Associate (CRASA) clinic will open its door to patients this afternoon at 11 a.k. local time, according to a press release issued this afternoon by the University of Queensland.

Dr. Kelly Seydberg, who is working at the clinic, will work with patients on a trial to develop a test for a rare blood disorder that causes blood clots.

The treatment will be tested in people with Type 2 diabetes and has been developed as a result of the funding for Dr. Seydenberg’s CRASA study.

“The test will be based on the same methodology and will be available to all Queenslanders,” Dr. Mark Henson, senior research associate at the University’s Department of Medicine and Health Sciences said.

“It’s really important that Queenslanders are able to get the test because it could help lead to a new treatment and we really hope this will encourage people to consider it.”

Dr. Henson added that the clinic will not be open to the public.

“We have to keep it safe for patients and staff,” he said.

Dr Seydbolds team has spent the last several years studying the blood clotting disease, and is currently working on an experimental therapy.

The University of Victoria’s Dr. Richard Aoyama said the clinical trial will be conducted at the Kew Clinic in the inner city.

Dr Aoyamos team has been studying blood clot damage for years, and recently published a report on their research.

“I think the findings are exciting,” Dr Aoya said.

The researchers found that the blood clotting disorder causes more than 30,000 blood clumps per year in people over the age of 50.

They found that patients with Type 1, which results in no blood clumping, have around 20,000 clotting clumps a year.

Patients with Type 4, which leads to more clumping but less blood clogging, have only about 1,000 clumps, Dr Aroyamos said.

As part of the trial, patients will be monitored over the course of the day to make sure they are doing well.

The results of the study will then be analysed and if results show that there is a significant difference between the two groups, a patient could receive the drug and the rest of the patients could receive an inactive placebo.

Dr Henson said the trial was not about the results of a single study.

He said that patients would be monitored for weeks and weeks to see if the treatment improved their symptoms.

“Our hope is that this will improve their quality of life,” Dr Hensing said.

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