How a female doctor turned the tide against abortion coverage

The debate over abortion coverage at Planned Parenthood clinics in Colorado and Texas is heating up as women’s clinics in both states are facing a backlash from a new anti-abortion law.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a provision of a federal law that bars the insurance companies from denying coverage for abortion services.

But the new Texas law has been in effect since June, when a coalition of abortion rights groups and Planned Parenthood argued in court that the law violates their religious liberty rights.

The state of Texas has since enacted a new law that will allow insurers to sell health plans covering abortions.

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But not everyone in the state is pleased with the new law.

In a sign of the mounting pressure, a group of about 100 women’s health clinics in the Texas city of Tyler announced Tuesday that they would stop covering abortion, citing a new federal law prohibiting the state from passing anti-choice laws.

Texas’ new law also requires insurance companies to cover all abortions, including abortions performed in the last trimester.”

Our patients are getting the health care they need, and we need them to know that.”

Texas’ new law also requires insurance companies to cover all abortions, including abortions performed in the last trimester.

But as the backlash grew, a coalition led by Planned Parenthood and a number of other women’s rights groups began lobbying the state legislature to pass a new version of the Texas law.

The law requires that women obtain an abortion insurance plan, and insurers will have to cover abortion procedures and referrals, even if they do not provide abortion services themselves.

The coalition, including Texas Alliance for Life, said it would work to repeal the law as soon as it was passed, and Planned Parenthood will work with the Texas Coalition for Life to help women obtain abortion coverage.

The new law would allow abortion providers to use an exception to the requirement that women have an abortion coverage plan, if the abortion is not medically necessary and the abortion procedure is not the first time a woman has had an abortion.

Under the new measure, the Texas Tribune and other news organizations would have to pay a $10,000 fee to the state to provide abortion coverage and the Texas Medical Board would require the coverage to be offered in clinics that do not receive government funding.

In response, several dozen abortion providers announced they would shut down and not provide services, including two Planned Parenthood locations in Houston and a women’s medical clinic in Dallas.

“The Texas Medical and Dental Board has made clear it does not approve of the bill,” said Sarah Bickford, a spokeswoman for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, which oversees the state’s health care system.

“It does not allow for women’s hospitals to provide abortions in those facilities.”

The Texas Health & Human Services Department has yet to release a statement on the law.

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