Canada to ban pet shops from opening in cities under new rules

Ottawa is poised to ban the pet shop from opening its doors in a new set of rules aimed at protecting the environment.

The move comes as Canada’s PetSmart is launching a new initiative to encourage more Canadians to use pet food and pet supplies.

The federal government says it is targeting pet stores that sell food and cosmetics, pet clothing and toys, dog food and other food-related products and pet care products, but will not regulate those that sell pet food.

PetSmart said it will be imposing stricter limits on what types of items can be sold and the types of pet food that can be served.

The company said it is also introducing new restrictions for what types and sizes of pet foods can be purchased.

The PetSmart initiative is aimed at encouraging Canadians to buy healthier and more sustainable pet foods.

Pet owners can now purchase fresh and freeze-dried pet food at pet stores to reduce waste.

But in recent months, pet food has become more expensive in some markets.

For instance, PetSmart has begun selling frozen pet food from Whole Foods in Vancouver, while PetSmart will sell fresh pet food on its website.

The Canadian Association of Pet Food Stores (CAFP) said the move is a step forward but will take time.

“We know there is a lot of pressure on us to do something now and we have to take it slow,” said CEO Dan Boudreau.

CAFP says pet food retailers are also vulnerable to changing consumer tastes and prices because pet food products are often sold at pet food stores, not grocery stores.

The pet food industry has a lot to gain from adopting this new regulation.

Boudrie said that while the pet food companies are investing billions in new plant and animal technology, many of the companies are struggling to keep up with demand.

“It’s a big change and it’s a huge challenge for pet food,” said Boudreault.

“And if they can’t keep up, then they’re going to lose their business.”

The new regulations also come as the Canadian Pet Industry Association is launching its own initiative aimed at reducing pet waste.

The CAFP said it wants pet food suppliers to have “the same minimum standards and the same quality of products as other grocery stores and restaurants.”

The group is calling on pet food manufacturers to do a better job of keeping pet food out of the landfill.

CAOP president Jim Leib said the industry is looking for the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to the pet foods that pet owners have to purchase.

He said pet food costs the industry more than $1.4 billion annually.

“There’s going to be an explosion in the amount of food we’re going back to the landfill,” said Leib.

The industry has also been targeted by the federal government, which says it will introduce a ban on pet stores from opening until July 1.

In December, the federal cabinet approved new rules to limit the amount and types of waste that could be dumped in the Ottawa River and surrounding areas.

It also approved a new rule to impose fines on pet shops and retailers that break the rules.

But those rules do not apply to pet food shops and pet food distribution companies, which are exempt from the new rules.

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