Video: Why you should stop thinking about surgery as an option

Posted by Business Insider Australia on Monday, 25 November 2017 12:33:49After being forced to put on a cast in his leg due to a fractured leg, the 31-year-old had surgery to repair the joint and was able to get back on his feet.

After a few months, he had another surgery in his back to remove a tumour.

“It’s kind of hard to get into a conversation about whether or not you’re going to need surgery, but there’s definitely a feeling that there’s a lot of people who feel that way,” Mr Dickson said.

“And it’s definitely something that could happen, particularly with people that have been injured or with people who are going through surgery.”

The man’s partner has been a patient at St John’s Clinic since 2010.

“They’re really supportive, they’ve been really good to me and they’ve always had an eye on my health,” he said.

He says he can’t wait to get on with his life, and his wife is looking forward to seeing him off soon.

“I think that’s the key thing about having a long-term relationship is that you really love your partner and they love you, so they’re very supportive,” he explained.

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