What to do if you are pregnant or expecting a baby

Posted August 02, 2018 05:07:03The Canadian Pregnancy and Childbirth Advisory Committee (CPCAC) has recommended that Canadians who have a pregnancy or have been expecting a pregnancy in the past six months should consider taking a mobile vet clinic instead of a doctor’s office.

In a letter sent on Tuesday to the Alberta Public Service Commission, the CPCAC stated that the Alberta Medical Association and the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association both recommended the use of a mobile clinic for pregnant women.

“While the Alberta Government’s recent decisions to require veterinarians to conduct prenatal appointments have caused some concern and confusion, the fact remains that the mobile clinic option is a more efficient and cost-effective option,” the letter read.

“In addition, the use and use of the mobile vet clinics offers many more choices for pregnant Canadians.”

While the mobile vets offer more than one option, the letter states that the current Alberta Veterinary medical association has a recommendation to use the same clinic for both pregnant women and their babies.

While this is a recommendation that has been made by the Alberta Pregnancy Advisory Committee, it does not mean that all pregnant women should travel to a veterinarian to see their vet, according to Dr. Sarah Guevara, president of the Alberta Coalition for Pregnant Women.

Guevada said that she feels it’s important for pregnant patients to know that if they need to see a veterinarian in their area, they can do so.

However, she said that it’s still important for patients to consider whether the veterinarians that are recommended are qualified to treat them.

“As an experienced, licensed veterinarian who is familiar with the health needs of pregnant women, it is my opinion that a certified, licensed veterinary clinic is the preferred option for pregnant pregnant women seeking veterinary care,” Gue.

“The only way a pregnant woman can be sure that a licensed veterinarian is qualified to provide health care for her is to visit that licensed veterinarian.”

Gues advice is in line with what the Alberta Provincial Council of Veterinarians (APVC) has been recommending for pregnant vets.

The APVC has called on veterinarians across the province to use their experience to make sure they are qualified for their jobs.

According to the APVC, veterinarians must: meet the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Pregnancy Act, as well as the Pregregnancy, Pregnancy Diagnosis and Treatment (PPDT) Regulations, and provide a written health certificate from a health professional certifying that the health of the pregnant woman is at risk and is reasonably foreseeable, if not imminent, as a result of their work.

Veterinarians must follow all health and safety procedures set out by the APVCA and the provincial government.

Dr. Michelle Cote, the Alberta Health Authority’s Chief Medical Officer, said in a release that the AHA and the AP VCCA recommend that all veterinary practices meet the guidelines outlined by the AHPSA.

The Alberta Health and Solicitor’s office is also recommending that all veterinarians and their staff adhere to the PPMT.

Pregnant women who are considering a mobile veterinary clinic should consider this, according Cote.

“There are so many other options available to women, from online clinics to doctors office visits to GP visits to the local vet, and a mobile veterinarian is one of the most convenient options available.”

In 2018, the Canadian Pregamara is currently looking at options for pregnant mothers.

It’s been a busy year for pregnant moms.

Last month, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said that Alberta would be adding four more clinics to its list of health centres to be staffed by pregnant women by 2020.

Currently, the province has nine health centres staffed by women, three of which are pregnant.

For more information, visit the Alberta Women’s Health Network website.

With files from the Canadian Press

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