How does the Spokane Eye Clinic deal with the outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease?

The Spokane Eye and Ear Clinic is dealing with an outbreak of the coronavirus, a health department spokeswoman said.

“The outbreak has been detected and the Department of Health is currently investigating the incident,” spokeswoman Julie Rovira said in an email.

She said the clinic will be open to the public Thursday.

The clinic is located at a former industrial site near the city’s downtown.

Officials have said the building was used as a dumping ground for the county’s wastewater.

“The facility is not currently used for any other purpose other than to house wastewater that was discarded at the site,” Rovina said.

An investigation is ongoing and the county is investigating.

The Spokane Eye is a privately owned medical facility that specializes in eye care.

Its website says it has been in business for more than 50 years.

On its website, the clinic offers “the highest quality, compassionate care for patients with life-threatening conditions.”

The eye clinic, which is about 25 miles north of Spokane, is located in a former mill and has about 3,000 residents.

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