How to get your dog tested for rabies after it bites you

When you get bitten by your pet, there’s no good way to know if you have rabies, but it’s one of the reasons why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has started vaccinating the public.

Here’s how to get tested.


Take a picture of your pet.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

If you have an animal that you want to keep, take a picture and put it on your Facebook page.

If it’s a dog, ask the owner if it has rabies.

Some pet owners don’t want to do that.


Go to a pet store.

Some breeders will offer free vaccinations if your pet has a low fever or cough.

You can also take your pet to a vet to get a free vaccine if it’s sick.

If your pet is healthy, you can take a few shots of rabies vaccine, but if you’re getting a rash or have trouble breathing, take your pets to a local veterinary office.

If a vet thinks you have the rabies virus, they will take a blood sample, then send you an e-mail alert if you need further testing.


Get vaccinated.

Most veterinarians recommend getting vaccinated if your dog has rabie symptoms.

The CDC has found that if you live in a county with a high concentration of dog bites, it may make sense to get vaccinated at least once every two weeks, as long as you’re not too old or too young to get the vaccine.


Get tested.

Vaccination is a quick and easy process that can be done in less than a minute.

A health care provider will give you the vaccine, give it to you and you can get back to work as soon as it’s administered.


Take the test.

You will be given a vaccination kit that contains an inoculum.

It’s a syringe, a small piece of paper and a pen.

The kit will come with a plastic slip that you can use to take a swab and a test strip.

The results are sent to the lab and sent to you.


Wait for results.

Once the results are received, your pet will be tested again.

After that, the results will be sent to your health care professional and a report will be emailed to you within 24 hours.


Take your pet home.

You should be able to get rabies vaccination at least three to six weeks after your pet was bitten.

After six weeks, you may need to schedule another vaccination if your symptoms persist or if the symptoms have worsened.

If the symptoms don’t improve after the initial vaccination, the chances of getting rabies from your pet increase.


Get a vaccine again.

Some veterinarians may recommend getting a second vaccination, as the vaccine may not be effective.

Another option is to get both shots in the same day, but this can be difficult and may require a lot of testing.


Call your vet.

If all else fails, you will be able call your veterinarian and have your pet tested again, at which point your pet may be eligible for a vaccination.

The vaccine may also be available at the clinic.

For more information on rabies and pet vaccinations, check out these links: rabies facts and information, rabies vaccines, and pet vaccines.

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