How to become a dental nurse in Brisbane

The Queensland Government has introduced new rules for new recruits into the dental profession, including a requirement to have a minimum of three years of dental training.

Under the new rules, applicants must also pass a test that asks them to describe their occupation and demonstrate a desire to spend a minimum period of time in the dental workforce.

The Queensland Government said it wanted to attract more dental students to the state, and to support dental training programs across the state.

“We want dental graduates to have an opportunity to live and work in a healthy, safe and ethical environment,” Queensland Dental Council executive director Mike Deasy said.

“Dental students in Queensland are already well-trained in all aspects of dentistry, so we have a strong need for dental nurses and dental students in this sector.”

He said the Queensland Government had been consulting with dental students about their future career paths, and expected to introduce the new regulations next month.

“To keep the dental students here we’re going to have to make sure we’ve got a high standard of dental education,” Mr Deasy told

“I think we’re well ahead of schedule.”

The new regulations require applicants to demonstrate a strong interest in dental health, and are designed to support a dental education and training program.

In September, a Dental Education Queensland survey found that almost two-thirds of students had seen a dentist, but only 23 per cent were able to complete the required training.


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