Which clinic’s doctors work in Ohio?

Cleveland Clinic, which operates in Cleveland, Dayton, and Cincinnati, is one of the nation’s largest and most prestigious doctors of osteopathic medicine.

It was the first major American medical center to accept the nation-wide clinical trial for a novel treatment for osteoarthritis.

The Cleveland Clinic’s doctors are some of the top specialists in the field.

A 2015 study of its more than 3,000 physicians found that 84% were “very confident” or “very likely” in their ability to treat chronic pain.

More than 2,700 of them were also the first to take the drug, an experimental compound called methotrexate, which was approved for the treatment of osteo-arthritis in January 2018.

In addition, the Cleveland Clinic has received nearly $6 billion in federal and state funding since 2017, more than double what it received in 2015.

But the clinic has been plagued by a series of scandals in recent years.

The city and state’s attorney general filed lawsuits against the clinic in 2016, claiming it discriminated against female patients and improperly billed Medicaid and Medicare for treatment.

The clinic has denied the claims and said it has no plans to change its policies or procedures.

The case has since been dismissed.

And in 2019, the state filed another lawsuit claiming that the clinic discriminated against Latino patients and that it misclassified patients based on ethnicity, making it ineligible for state Medicaid funding.

In May 2019, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine filed an ethics complaint against the Clinic, saying it failed to provide sufficient evidence to back up the claims.

A judge dismissed the case in October, citing DeWines complaint.

In January, the clinic agreed to pay $100 million to settle allegations that it failed some of its Medicaid patients and had misclassified Latino patients, according to a statement from the clinic.

In March, the US Justice Department charged two doctors and five executives with fraud related to the Medicare-Medicaid program and ordered them to pay at least $200 million in restitution.

The clinics latest scandals came to light last month when the state launched an investigation into whether the Clinic had improperly billed Medicare for care.

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